Art Front Gallery 位于日本东京代官山,开设于1984年,迄今企划了多次引领时代的展览。如今,我们介绍的众多艺术家中,包括年轻艺术家、活跃在国内外的日本艺术家及海外艺术家。我们每年大约策划10次展览,此外还将通过开展各类相关项目,发挥项目空间的作用,为国内外人士带去能够透视时代精神性与社会性的新锐艺术。同时,我们的服务也涉及其他艺术家及艺术作品,并能根据客户需求提供建议与帮助。


Art Front Gallery, based in Daikanyama, Tokyo, started in 1984 and has organized considerable numbers of exhibits since then. At present, our gallery presents a number of Japanese and international artists ranging from emerging artists to established ones. We organize more than 10 exhibitions every year, and also develop various relating projects sending progressive messages to audience in the world. We make gallery as a project space shedding new lights on the specificity of the spirit of our time as well as on the social context surrounding the art. Covering wider range of art beside exhibitions, we support private collectors and others to realize their needs.

金氏徹平-Summer Fiction

Teppei Kaneuji: Summer Fiction, Teppei KANEUJI