AYE Gallery




AYE Gallery opened on December, 2005 in the central area of Beijing city with historical and cultural relics surrounding such as Lama Temple, Guo Zi Jian and the Temple of Earth. The focus of the gallery is to show and promote the various style works of Chinese artists who are important on the history of contemporary art, and also devotes itself to the development of young and emerging artists. AYE Gallery also holds professional and academic lectures for artists and collectors to communicate about art and culture. Recent years, AYE Gallery hold several solo exhibition of western artists, and recommend Chinese artists to western museums or galleries, to promote the cultural communication of Chinese and western.

Chinese contemporary art has been concerned by the world with the development of Chinese economy and the maturity and diverse of social life. The power of Chinese local collectors is growing steadily while the situation of the art standard made by the West has been changing. AYE Gallery encourages the sincere and vitality arts with energy, providing professional and high level exhibition, publishing and communication platform to artists, collectors and art lovers to share the charm of Arts.


Useless Things – Zhao Gang New Works, ZHAO Gang