CLC Gallery Venture

CLC Gallery Venture 是一家总部设在北京的新画廊,由 C5art 与 C-Space +Local 合并成立。CLC Gallery Venture 将从其合伙创始人位于798、三里屯和草场地的空间开始运营。第一次展览:“在网络的标志下–拼接与梗” 将在草场地 C-Space +Local 当前位置举办。画廊永久新位置将在不久的未来宣布。

CLC Gallery Venture 关注媒介的深度探索和重新发明,这一现今最令人兴奋的艺术思潮。画廊将通过定期举办展览,国际合作,参与国内与国际艺术博览会的方式支持早期发展阶段的艺术家,在国际范围推广他们的作品。为了实现这一目标,CLC画廊将支持并推介他们参加各类国内外的艺术活动,并定期邀请来自国外的艺术家在画廊做展览项目。


CLC Gallery Venture is a new gallery based in Beijing and the result of a partnership between C5 Gallery and C-Space + Local. CLC Gallery Venture will start its operations from the locations of its founding partners in 798, Sanlitun and CaoChangdi.  This first exhibition “Under the sign of the internet – connections and double meanings” will take place in CaoChangdi at the current location of C-Space + Local. A permanent new location for the gallery will be announced soon.

The program of CLC Gallery Venture will be focused on promoting a group of some of the most exciting emerging Chinese artists working within a range of different media. The gallery intends to support its artists at their early stages of development through exhibitions both at and outside the gallery as well as help them to promote their work in an international context. To achieve this CLC Gallery Venture will support them with projects in and outside China and on occasion invite artists from abroad to do projects at the gallery.



Liu Yue: Incarnation, LIU Yue


♛ Digital House - You Have No Idea, V.A.