CryptoZR (刘嘉颖 LIU Jiaying)

Photo: Courtesy of the Artist Studio

CryptoZR(刘嘉颖),曾任腾讯总部国际业务部Global SNS首席产品设计师。2016年考入中央美术学院攻读硕士学位,在读研期间,专注于使用区块链底层技术,并不断探索独特的艺术语言。2017年创办区块链企业,成立新加坡基金会ProChain,旗下产品有Prabox(EOS生态流量第一)、TopBidder(EOS生态流量前十)、以及金融(Defi类)产品YFII,目前YFII全球市值排名第68,2020年登陆OKEX、火币、Binance三大交易所。2019年由于区块链基金会事务繁忙,休学一年。2020年获得中央美术学院硕士学位。重要展览包括:2021年嘉德艺术中心《刘嘉颖:一个小目标》大型个展;2022年威尼斯第一届元宇宙大展《刘嘉颖:一个小目标 2》等。作品被韩国蔚山美术馆、DSL Collection等重要机构和个人收藏。


CryptoZR (LIU Jiaying), previously served as Chief Product Designer of Global SNS in the international business department at Tencent headquarter. In 2016, she was accepted to the Central Academy of Fine Arts for a master’s degree. During her postgraduate period, the artist began using fundamental blockchain technology to explore a unique artistic language. In 2017, CryptoZR founded a blockchain company, ProChain Foundation, in Singapore, with products including: Prabox (first in EOS ecological traffic), TopBidder (top 10 in EOS ecological traffic), and DeFi product YFII, which currently ranks 68 in the global crypto market value. YFII was also listed on three major crypto exchanges: OKEX, Huobi and Binance. Due to her active involvement in the blockchain foundation, CryptoZR took a break from school for one year in 2019 before obtaining her master’s degree from the Central Academy of Fine Arts the following year. Major exhibitions include: Liu Jiaying: COOKIE COOKIE, Guardian Art Center, Beijing, 2021; Liu Jiaying: COOKIE COOKIE 2, the first Metaverse Exhibition, Venice, 2022. Her works have been collected by Ulsan Art Museum, Korea, DSL Collection and other important institutions and individuals.


♛ Minor Universes: Technology-led Emotions, V.A.


♛ CryptoZR: COOKIE COOKIE, LIU Jiaying