hiart space

hiart space 成立于2016年,坐落于上海西岸龙美术馆西配楼。自成立以来,hiart space 即以开放的姿态,多元的学术趣味与文化视角,致力于当代艺术家的挖掘和推广。更有意识地把艺术和展示、交流、品牌合作紧密地结合起来,发掘当代艺术与公众之间更多的可能性。


Founded in 2016, hiart space locates at the West Wing, West Bund Long Museum, Shanghai. Since the inception, it has been dedicated to the discovery and promotion of contemporary artists with an open mind, diverse academic interests and cultural perspectives, consciously integrating art with exhibition, exchange and brand cooperation to explore more opportunities between contemporary art and the public.

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