PLATEAU, Sumsung Museum of Art

韩国首尔PLATEAU三星美术馆在1999年创建之时名为 “罗丹画廊”,由于其永久收藏着罗丹的杰作《地狱之门》。自开馆以来的十年,美术馆逐渐成为了韩国当代艺术领域中的重要艺术机构并于2011年更名为 “PLATEAU”。更名后的美术馆仍秉持着 “拥抱韩国及全球当代艺术” 的理念,展出过村上隆、艾默格林与德拉赛特等众多国际知名艺术家的个人展览。



Rodin Gallery was inaugurated in 1999 presenting its permanent installation of Auguste Rodin’s monumental masterpiece The Gates of Hell, and since then, has established itself as one of the central institutions in the Korean contemporary art scene over the next decade. In May 2011, Rodin Gallery reopened its doors under the new name, PLATEAU, which expressed the renewed commitment to embracing the Korean and international contemporary art scene, in continuation with the permanent display of Rodin masterpieces.

PLATEAU had shut down permanently when its last exhibition by Chinese artist Liu Wei closed in August 2016.


Panorama, LIU Wei