Vanguard Gallery

Vanguard 画廊2004年创立于上海。





Vanguard Gallery is founded in 2004 in Shanghai.

The gallery is devoted to discover and promote emerging contemporary artists since its establishment. With immensely open attitude towards artistic creation in different forms, Vanguard Gallery has served as a platform for exposure and practice for young artists, and has discovered many of whom are active participants today in constructing the Chinese contemporary art discourse system.

In recent years, the gallery is focusing more on conceptual art specifically despite medium, nationality or times. Artists from different countries and generations have joined Vanguard, which provides a diverse selection of works both in forms and concepts.

Through the persistence in supporting and promoting conceptual and experimental artistic creations, Vanguard Gallery has become a significant force in setting the trend and exploring the possibility of contemporary art’s future in China.

林博彦个展 “……然 后 我 们 淹 没 于 云”

… and then we submerged in clouds, LAM Pok Yin